Rent to Own / Lease to buy: -


Understanding this concept is fairly simple and in layman's language you rent the property / your dream home and eventually land up buying the property as with rent to own or lease to buy option or clause is included in this agreement. Say for instance as of today you are not in a position to buy your dream home for multiple or any reason.

  • Credit score Issues
  • Debt to income issue
  • Recent Bankruptcy or foreclosure
  • Deed in lieu / Repossession in the past
  • Short Sale in the past
  • Blanket Money with no paper trail

In any or multiple scenarios the banks will not qualify you for a mortgage, there are various investors who will give you the option of lease to buy, where you just pick a realtor and choose the house you want to move in and the investor will buy that property for you and you get an option of buying back the property depending the time frame mentioned in the agreement between 3-6 years you have the option of purchasing the property that you are living in.

Advantages of Rent to own / Lease to buy

Disdvantages of Rent to own / Lease to buy

Currenty we can help you qualify for the program in the below mentioned States

  • California
  • Texas
  • Arizona and
  • Washington